Patrick McEvoy Patrick McEvoy
CEOPatrick took on the leadership position with an abundance of experience, enthusiasm, and vision. He has purchased and sold 230 properties over 25 years. Re-build and Lease -up in distressed areas are his specialties. His capability ensures the success of the company, and he has bought and sold through all growth periods and recessions in past. More importantly, Patrick concerns himself with the well-being of each property and all individuals involved. His finished product is always to perfection. He strongly believes in good credit, timely expeditious payment, and commerce with morality. He will often spend hours personally attending to distressed areas, dedicated to making careful plans and solving problems. His experience in this field has taught him that a chain is truly only as strong as its weakest link.
Elizabeth Young Elizabeth Young
CFO (Controller)Elizabeth has been with us for 6 years. She is responsible for maintaining the cash flow and oversees all accounts receivable and payable. By ensuring the policies and procedures she developed are carried through and that all reported results are in compliance with national reporting standards, she is able to produce extremely accurate analysis. Her production of periodic financial reports and maintenance over controls and budgets mitigates risks to our company. Elizabeth develops and establishes positive bank relationships, ensuring financing is secure and timely. No final decisions are made without her ultimate approval.
Shane Dineen Shane Dineen
Director of Acquisitions. – Since joining Empire 2016 Shane has been a true asset to the company.  From being responsible for all underwriting and due diligence on acquisition opportunities, including coordination and oversight of third-party due diligence, closing, and asset/property management transitions.  To preparing detailed financial modeling for new assets, including variance analysis, quarterly valuations, cash flow projections, joint venture equity waters and return analysis.  He owns the project lifecycle within areas such as initial tax analysis on budgets, project closure, budget reconciliation and finalization of accounts.  He has mastered how to compile research on competitors, potential partners, and tenants.
Maria Woll Maria Woll
Director of Human Resources Since joining Empire fulltime in 1999, after consulting for 10 years, Maria has been a huge asset to our company. She brought in up to date policies and procedures and implemented a comprehensive employee benefits package. She initiated electronic payroll through the company’s intranet site which changed the way both employees and consultants were paid. With her vast legal knowledge, she has personally prepared all real estate contracts. From purchasing a building, to hiring all contractors, Janice makes sure all jobs come to excellent finality. Handling zoning and planning departments is another specialty of Janice’s. She is equally proficient at legitimizing defective foreclosed titles, negotiating with all lien holders. Giving her a task guarantees it will be done to satisfaction.
 Maria Woll Erik Hayes
Director of SalesErik came to Empire with a long history of success in commercial real estate sales. He shares his expertise in marketing and market analysis with his team of agents, training and guiding them with the fundamental skills he has acquired. Together, they consistently sell beyond yearly goals.
Maria Woll Vincent Burns, Matthew King, George Francs
Managing Agents
 Maria Woll William Anderson
Special Communities LiaisonBill has worked with Empire for nearly 30 years, but remains forever ahead of his time. As the world has changed, he has stayed aware and informed, molding his approach to the environments he encounters. His versatility enables him to solve any dispute and come to workable solutions for all involved.
Maria Woll Paul Darby
Legal CounselPaul and his associates handle all transactions with the utmost care. Their precision and attention to detail has gained both our trust and respect, as time and again they have proved that they proceed with Empire’s best interest everytime.