We have purchased and sold 236 properties in the past 30 years all through Supreme Court Appointed Referrees, Bankruptcy, and Federal Commissioners or local marshalls. Or had purchased non-performing mortgages. All properties were coming out of foreclosure and nearly all needed reconstruction, and stabilization. Our specialty is purhcasing unvalued properties, massive advertising and broker incentives and having the economic thrust to make fiscally viable at reduced rates symmetrical to new quality and purchase price. Listed below are examples of the 236 properties we had bought and sold:

Chicago Apartment Building Evoy - West Chicago Apartments 1003 tenants  Mortgage package  Purchased through Jack Stark Washington DC and Texas Office  HUD owned and  foreclosure redemption. Portion of City.500,800 square foot  Multi-family and Senior Housing Gut Rehabbed  and tenant stabilized
Chicago, Illinois
Long Beach Apartment Complex  Ocean view Long Beach  Senior Housing  Complex 251 -255 West Broadway  Long Beach NY  100 beds ( across from Hoffman Manor ) . Purchased through Supreme Court Referee. Stabilized and Sold  
Southamton estate Southampton Estate, highest point on east end ; built  on a on a 200 acre NYS preserve ; Southampton is highest rental resort region  in world, Currently authorized and operated under direct  licensure for  Patrick J McEvoy under New  York  State Department of  Senior   housing and family Services OFS ( memory impaired )
Louisville,Kentucky 430 West Huhammad Alley 300 Unit multi Family high rise, Louisville Kentucky
Kansas City 933 Mcgee Street, 22  Bank and 20 story high rise luxury Condos  , Kansas City, Downtown  Kansas
Baywatch Hotel & Marina Baywatch Hotel and Marina Foster Avenue  Hamptons Long Island  … converted into Senior housing  and adult care
Frost Mill Road, Mill Neck, NY
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Frost Mill Road, Mill Neck, NY 26 bedroom mansion; foreclosed and purchased through Supreme Court Referee…   
Formerly owned by Mick Jager and Keith Richards originally built by Govenor Lowell Weicker on North Shore of Long Island. One of the original Great Gatsby Mansions.

5 Acre Country Estate • Easily Manageable • Tennis/Pool • Owner Holds Terms

South Shore Waterfront, Blue Point
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South Shore Hotel and Water Front Marina,  Blue Point, NY
Purchased a small  block of  3 mortgaged properties  that were sold in one day